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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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it's the next wave of intrusion this is here to erode our protection we need this ban >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon and thank you very much for the opportunity to speak. i'm the proprietor of two businesses buying books. we'll be here two years in october. when i was looking for a place to open my busy said a community that was built with both the mentor and businesses together. a way to take care of the people in my community. i think that the most important thing is to feed people. and i found it community in
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hayes valley i reached out to russel regarding the location before putting down a lease because i wanted to become a part of the community that my business and i could glossogrow with. i choose to open there and. i think that the amended ordinance at hand goes to the heart of what we're talking about with the formula retail ban. the desire to preserve in san francisco a space for individual sole proprietorships. i can food my rent but it's not possible if i parking meter with a number of much more infinitely popular organizations.
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in addition maintaining and that is important you have a lot of neighborhood locals that hang out and one of the things i've heard as resident of the community we need the services that can be provided should be provided at a southern price point. we need a laundromat and those are not largest organizations that can parking meter with large organizations. this is what our residents need. when i i was co- chair of the organization they kept asking me to speak to the landlords. and so we have space for both residents and mentors to create a heath community. it helps my resident prop values and helps our businesses that we
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maintain a unique neighborhood and it's a draw and to the mentors and the residents. this is very, very good for all of us my regulars and merchants >> i've have had the principle of working with the neighbors and merchants and supervisors who worked together to write the ban. to your point the beauty of this is neighborhoods can opt in with different levels what i think are pretty observe reasons. today, i'm here to thank supervisor breed and brown for
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their responsiveness in hearing our concerns about the doughnut holes r that have opened up and a coming up with the fixes. we know that clearly things have changed here and you do have to make fixes every now and then to make things operate as they were originally intended. as russel was able to speak for the merchant community the hayes valley association very enthusiastically supports those change to keep the integrity of the ban into effect in hayes valley. i was delighted to hear your comments you get the issues and understand what our concerns are and why hayes valley has been at
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the forefront in this fetter and we hope that we can just keep it current with all the challenges we face so it retains effective as originally intended thank you very much >> thank you. >> any other members of the public wish to make a comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> so first of all, i want to thank the 3 of you for coming out. it's so important and i like to say this that you're concerned by coming here. it's not just what we do it's a team sport and if the merchants and small business owners don't show up here we don't have the credibility when it comes to
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making a recommendation we're just recommending into the air. i think we've seen over the last several years and very recently especially in matters that relate to parking and other issues in some you thought neighborhoods that the merchant associations and the neighborhood organization have activated themselves. it make this so much more important. the office of small business owners has not been around very long by it's starting to get a lot of credibility with the supervisors and i coming here today representing the supervisors in their effort. they care enough to come out and ask our opinion. to keep the circle growing and thank you for coming out today >> commissioner.
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>> i want we've heard this reinforced the hayes valley formula shall we say of having only independent businesses work. you guys are in the top for local and international tourists everyone comes down here. your model is a great one and i'd love to see it moving forward into other small neighborhoods and keep that variety. let's not kill the goose. people come to us to see individuals, you know, lovingly operating their own businesses. >> i think those restrictions and bans reinforce the not
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insignificant jobs but it validates. i want the pizza place was going going in across the street some small business owners survived. it doesn't seem right that pioneers in the neighborhood stuck it out. to mention that very act that moving into the neighborhood and changing the balance will change the nature of the neighborhood and it will be done the goose
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that ladies the golden egg it preserves the balance >> do we have any he recommendations commissioners. >> i move to support this legislation. >> i second. >> anyone else? >> i have a motion to recommended the board of supervisors file 1386 friday morning the commercial district recommending approval to the board of supervisors that motion was move forward and seconded. on that motion for a roll call (calling names) commissioners that motion passes. great very much and thank you for attending we really
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appreciate it. necklaces item >> that item number 8 which is discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file number 130712 which is a resolution not an ordinance. formula market stores this is a resolution imposing controls for formula retail services on market street for 18 months finding with the consistency planning code and the environmental finding. commissioners in our file is the board file number and the legislature digest. hello, welcome. >> this is a discussion and
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possible action. >> good afternoon. first, i want to say that supervisor kim wants me to emphasize the fact that she values and respects the commission championship for small business owners throughout san francisco. you know the reason that she presented the reds before you could i is exactly for the reasons the same reasons you've all been talking about. trying to make sure in this kind of david and goliath battle you need the local businesses they're not trampled by the corporate muscle. and the krorpgsdz and institutions that have so much financial wherewith all it's
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hard for a small business owners to compete. we're talking about central market. you're all aware this is a district that an area that is in a state of major fluctuation. there are major retion if there's and we want to make sure that with all the development and 33 hearsay units coming online there's space for the city to really think about what kind of businesses and what kind of character should this neighborhood have it's becoming a try neighborhood a true residential neighborhood. we want to make sure that there's time for the city to be looking at what kind of neighborhood in san francisco. and that's the purpose for those intermediate controls.
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it doesn't cover all types of retail. it specifically addresses the financial and the fringe financial businesses such as a check cashing and restaurants and chain restaurants as well as chain limited restaurants which includes coffee shops. and it also addresses pharmacies. so and so those are the businesses we're concerned with. we want to make sure they don't muscle aside the locally operated businesses that we want to attract. we ladder to answering any questions i have. we'll be making some amendments today during land use to make sure it's specific about the kind of establishments we want to address. we had a number of small
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business owners and folks we reached out that are here today but they're all at land use that unfortunately conflicted with this meeting >> thank you commissioner. >> from what i've beenrd about it is limited. >> correct. >> to was it going on there, you know, it is mid market. it's going to a renaissance big time renaissance. i have no problem supporting this as it is and the types of uses that are going on there. i understand there - this is not part of the citywide formula retail ban this is exempt >> correct. >> roadway formula retail you can open up shop as a matter of right. >>right. >> i want to thank supervisor
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kim for being pro-active and seeing little opportunity to protect small business. i really like the 18 year one half window it's going through a renaissance. you do need a formula retail. it's not just - it's fluid it's a fluid legislation i appreciate that supervisor kim >> commissioner dwight. >> well, it's interesting to see the relocation to market street and the gap there and, of course, we have the west hills mall not far away. we have a formula for the retail to be there. it will be interesting to see how
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efforts. >> there's an added layer of analyze that any permanent applicant would have to go through to use it in that sort of way.
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that balances something we wanted to make sure we incorporated into the legislation >> i wanted to say you're leaving the door open. i want to commend levy we're not dumb some areas need help and in my opinion we'll help in that area but i appreciate the pro action on this one >> commissioner. >> sometimes legislation can be used as an obstruction. it's not an obstruction proposal. this is one for just preserving the opportunity to have a considered approach to what goes on in this neighborhood >> any other comments before we go into public comment on this.
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do we have any public comment on item number 7? item number 8? >> oh, we're on this one now. >> seeing none, please have a seat in the witness stand on item number 8. commissioners >> does anyone have anything to say? i'd like to move we support supervisor kim's proposal. >> second. >> commissioners i have a motion from commissioner dwight the file intermediate controls for market street from 6 accounting to van ness avenue and it's been move forward and be seconded. mr. president, would you like a role call >> yes and a
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(calling names). >> yes, i'm okay with it as long as it's not an out right ban so people can look at this. >> commissioners that motion passes 6 to zero. >> next testimony please. commissioners just so your aware it's in committee possibly as we speak and it will be at the board of supervisors as soon as tomorrow. >> this will be before the board of supervisors on july 30th? >> so we'll get our response in from the packet technique. >> in connection next item please. all right. >> commissioners this places you on our latin-american round item number 89 approval of the
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march, 2013 minutes. >> i move. >> second and would you like roll call or. >> all in favor. >> commissioners the approval the next minutes. do we have a motion >> i move. >> second. >> all in favor? commissioners item 11 approval the april 8, 2013, minutes >> just get on to the action and all in favor? >> okay. next item please and it's the director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners. so we're at the director's report. i want to let you know we evident the calendar year for
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the number of clients served at 4 thousand and 22 up 44 percent. we had a tremors uptake when we say clients served but we had a high volume of phone numbers as well as of the business registration and businesses call our office to in hopes of getting some assistance around the business registration. so that is a very high volume 8 hundred clients served and that's mostly through phone call. i want to give you a quick update. the mayor is meeting about 8 hundred new jobs and appreciate any kind of continued promotion and encouragement of businesses
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par taking in this. it's match with united way is organizing it so if you need the contact information i or chris will be happy to send that to you. the online business protocol it was approved in the budget. excuse me. and the funding is projected to start october 1st. so i and jan will be attending a meeting technique to start working on that process. so there isn't much more to talk about but really want to appreciate the mayors advocacy as the supervising support for the online business portal.
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we'll be receiving the funds collected through the additional dollar collected there the business registration. and so we will be developing the program to present to you at the on that ground 29th meeting in terms of how we're going to allocate and use those dollars. and that's so your aware it's from s b-1186 that required that. i informed you that supervisors campos is having a hearing this thursday around the health care and affordable care act. i also want to start convening meetings with small business owners that are in the 20 to 75 and having some discussion about
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take into account how the affordable care act they would utilize the act if the health care ordinance were in place and what they look like together to start informing - gathering some data and information to informing our office and you and providing information 2 to 3 the mayor's office as well. so i'll be having more detailed conversations to help you in identifying businesses. i'd like to get a good cross section to participate in this - in this. so i'll be having conversations with each of you in helping me identify some businesses. and it's something we're going to have to move face on because the enrollment starts
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october 1st >> i'm getting questions from merchants groups on that already so any help you need and i will. and then herself and if they have questions it will be good to direct them to me and i - we don't really know just yet the outcomes and so but direct them to me because we'll be able to get them information. mobilize christian has completed the cast inspections we selected 3 different types of trucks. we completed the cast inspections and we have a second meeting with the merchant group in between on october 1st in the morning. and in your packet is the
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timeline in terms of getting the final proposal to you first and then to move forward with it. the recycling redemption we want to give you a heads up in addition to the luck i didn't see recycling center that closed at fulton last week the recycling center at webster and gary has closed so this is - it brings back forward for us to really working to help develop a policy that we need to develop for our small businesses because more and more biz businesses are going to revelers for the closures.
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supervisor change of venues from family friendly workplace ordinance had it, it's second hearing excuse me. last thursday. there were i think i sent to you an update of additional amendments on that. and there was no formal decision on whether it was going to stay at the ballot or move forward through the process. but as it stands - or that last to my knowledge it is proposed as a ballot measure. there's one more rules committee meeting tomorrow morning and we'll have a better indication of whether it's going to be on the ballot or likely i can't say
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that for sure but we'll have some indication on that. but it needs to have if it's going to stay on the ballot it needs onerd at the board of supervisors by july 30th which is a week from tuesday. one item that i want to bring to your attention in 2010 the city introduced a weighs and measures around the san francisco system and san francisco was one of the last counties to implement some kind of regulatory around electronic po s systems. it happened quickly, you know, chris identified that it was coming through and so we were be able to with work the department
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of health. we couldn't get into the deep discussionf the definition of a po s system. i think in those 3 years since then there's been a significant change in what is an electronic po s system. i don't think, you know, even at that time the use of entities such as a square and mobile apps was a full reality. and so and i think my understanding in terms of the state level the usual idea was through the rarpts scale vast volumes of products that was placed on the shelf and scanned. we're starting to receive some calls in the office but


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